Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mofo Day 23. Macaroon Muffins!

Lately I have been on a serious baking binge! So far this week I have pounded out 2 different types of cupcakes and these amazing muffins! I haven't even really cared to eat any of it either (which is strange because I have a crazy sweet tooth) but my boyfriend, roommate and family sure loved everything!

There are many things I don't know/understand about  using gluten free flours...I used a mixture of spelt (I know it's not GF) & gluten free flour (both Bob's Red Mill Brand) for the macaroon muffins and they looked beautiful and puffy when they came out of the oven. I figured I would wait to photograph them since I hate it when my lens gets all steamy and I came back to these :(

All cracked and caved in :(
They were supposed to look like this.

Photo from http://seitanismymotor.com/

They still tasted amazing, I will be making these again, next time I will follow the recipe exactly and I will stick with one or the other; Gluten Free or Regular Baking...I am guessing the caving of my muffins had everything to do with the gluten free flour. Good thing my guinea pigs aren't picky ;) I'm not even sure why I have gluten free flour in the house...I think I may have been trying something out for my Mom because she has a wheat sensitivity and I always associate wheat with gluten. I think Iw ould like to try more gluten free baking but I need some solid recipes, I hate throwing things out. So if anyone knows a good blog or cookbook and could point me in the right direction, I would be ever so grateful.


  1. you know that spelt isn't gluten free, right? okay, good. just checking. :]

    (this wasn't meant to sound snarky)

  2. Yes I know that. I am not gluten free and I ran out of flour and thought if I was using half and half it would be ok, rising wise. I guess I should rephrase my post...