Saturday, July 30, 2011

Momo's Baby Gifts Wishlist

Less than 5 months to go before baby ViMo arrives so I figured I should probably start putting together a list of things that I would like/will need upon his or her arrival. I'll be adding to this list as I find things I fancy. It is really important to me to use as many cruelty free/earth friendly products as possible, please keep that in mind when you are shopping for me. If there is something you would like to get for me that is not on my list and you are unsure if it is vegan friendly, please ask me, I don't mind doing the research :)

Baby Kanga Cloth Diapers
Baby Kanga Retail Locations in Victoria

Broody Chick , sold @ Thrifty Foods locations and are a local company! I pretty much want all of their products!

1. Fully compostable diapers- despite wanting to exclusively use cloth, I am sure there will be times when disposables make more sense/are easier!
2. Fully compostable wipes
3. Boody Balm - All natural diaper cream
4. Wonderbalm - Non petroleum jelly
5. Every Body Lotion
6. Every Body Wash
7. Bye Bye BooBoo
8. Sniffs & Snuffles
9. Bath Bar

 Organic Wipes (not pictured)

Fisher Price Safari/Jungle Playmat- I saw these at the Walmart in Langford.
Safari/Jungle Crib Set
 Rainbow Teething Necklace

Newborn Button Loafers

Green Elephant Loafers
Green Trees Blanky
Owl Hat & Diaper Cover Set

I love all the items PWC has to offer, especially the onesies. Any of them will do.
Panda With Cookie Etsy