Monday, September 6, 2010

Autumn is here!

It seems without fail that every year in Victoria,  September 1st brings the rain. I like rain, the smell is fresh, it also means it's gumboot season and if you know me than my love for these fun rubber foot protectors is obvious!!! Where there is boots you're bound to find mittens, scarves & toques, just a few more of my favorite things about Autumn. Let's not forget the stunning colors this wonderful season has to offer. Crimson, Falu Red, Burnt Orange, Mustard Yellow, Amber, Olive Green, Sepia...I'm in heaven just thinking about it. Of course all these enchanting features must be accompanied by the inevitable, cold weather. Dun dun dun.....

What better way to keep warm then to do some baking and/or cooking. This afternoon I plan baking Kale. Stay tuned for the recipe :)