Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The BATmelt...MoFo Day 10

I will apologize in advance as I am feeling rather lethargic today and this post will be short.

I love sandwiches. Everything about them is awesome. Bread! Yes, bread...oh so carby and delicious. Mayo! YES freaking please...slather that shit on there. Avocado! Tomato! Cucumbers! Pickles! Cream Cheese! You name it, I want to put it in there. My moto for sandwiches is the more the better. I like a good messy sandwich that you stuff so full things fall out and then you get mini meals. lol. One of my favorite pregan sandwiches is the BLT. Although it is not as complex as I like my sandwiches to be, it is the perfect combination of flavours! I have never been one for lettuce in a sandwich, I feel like it is just filler and really, who wants filler? watery filler. No thanks. Instead of lettuce, I prefer avocado. Creamy, buttery, subtle and delicious. So instead of a BLT, I am more into what I call the BAT, Bacon, Avocado, Tomato. Booyah! what better to enhance a sandwich than cheese and so the BATmelt was born. dundundun.

To start this sandwich right I used an awesome multigrain bread from Bubby Rose's Bakery, lightly toasted with a bit of margarine and Spectrum Light Canola Mayo a cheaper alternative to Veganaiise and also a little more mainstream. I like fatty sandwiches, so I butter and mayo both sides! Next up is Yves Veggie Bacon, I must say I am very impressed with this product, it reminds be more of turkey bacon. Then I add some mozza Daiya shreds and toast for about 30 seconds under the broiler, browning it slightly. Thick slices of avocado are next, followed by thinly sliced beefsteak tomato. Slap those suckers together and BAM! Sammich time. oh oh oh oh. (Sung to the tune of Hammer Time!)

Well ladies and gents, I hope you enjoy my version of a timeless classic. Enjoy :)


  1. Mmm. Love the multi layered sammich! Very good call on the B.A.T sandwich :)

  2. I didn't know if anyone else loved sandwiches AS MUCH as I do...I see you do. :) I love sandwiches. Whenever I go to a vegan restaurant, it's really hard for me to order anything other than a sandwich. But I love to eat sandwiches at home, too. I will definitely commend you on your sandwich; very well done. :)