Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3 of Mofo with a side of quiche

I must say, I absoultely love Vegan MoFo. Such an awesome concept, I love reading other vegan blogs and am super stoked that I now have 16 followers! I know some of you are probably thinking 16 is not very many but I had under 5 when I first started the blog so it is really exciting to see that other people out there are interested in what I have to say.

Another thing I love about MoFo is the challenge of not only blogging daily, but creating new dishes and trying new recipes I may have otherwise pushed aside or overlooked. On the menu is Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Brocolli (why does this word never look like it is spelled correctly) Quiche.

Ever since going vegan I have struggled with recreating dishes containing eggs, be it cookies, cakes, omelets, custards or what have you and because of that I had never even entertained the idea of attempting quiche. It is one of my all time favorite pregan meals and was scared I would never again know the love that is that flaky, buttery, salty pastry filled with a deliciously spongy centre of savory goodness. I was pleasantly surprised with the recipe I used with much guidance from the PPK forumers. I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner...I did in fact do that today! To go with it I roasted some beets, (a new found love of mine), along with brussel sprouts (also a new discovery for me) and some yams (a long time favorite)!

I think now that this eggless creation turned out so well, I will attempt a few more dishes I never thought possible. See you all tomorrow.



  1. I'm glad you're enjoying MoFo. I love quiche. Yours looks great.

  2. I agree. MoFo is awesome. And that's my favourite quiche!

  3. the only quiche i've (ever) made has been the mini crustless tofu quiches from fat free vegan kitchen. i highly recommend them! i'll have to give that broccoli quiche a try...though i don't really like pie crust, so i wonder if i could make it crustless as well?

  4. I think it would be fine crustless, the middle seemed pretty solid once it was baked :)