Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The good just keeps on coming...

I've noticed quite a lovely trend in the past few weeks. I have been winning a crazy amount of shitake through MoFo blogs. I guess keeping a positive outlook and taking things as they come really does pay off; not to mention entering said contests also boosted my chances. I have always been into free stuff but since MoFo I have been really on top of entering for free swag and I figured I would share all of those lovely blogs with you folks so you could not only follow them but possibly win things in the future! I am sure those having had giveaways are likely to have more and have really inspired me to do my own little giveaway soon!

Let's start with the first winning care of Alicia A Simpson and her blog Vegan Guinea Pig. I got a copy of Quick & Easy Vegan Celebrations and is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. As mentioned in a few posts before the Mac & Cheeze has been made easily 6 times since I got it. I highly suggest you pick up a copy or try Quick & Easy Comfort Food, another one of Alicia's books.

Second on the win list is a specially designed for me food care package. Thanks to Grey Eye Designs which is extra exciting for me because even though Victoria is a pretty vegan friendly city, a lot of the items are really expensive, there is no vegan gum and so many other items are not coherent to my Anti Candida Diet.

Third is a huge pile of awesome coupons from Vegannifer. This wasn't a contest but I still feel like I won something. She sent me coupons for Seventh Generation, Organic Valley, Earthy Friendly Products, Revolution Foods, Plum Organics, and CleanWell. Some of the products are not available here but there is still plenty of time to share so I will post soon what they are and if they are available in your city I will send them to you!

Fourth is an original Art Print from Boober The Fraggle. A really cool hand drawn rat mosaic style picture. I will post a pic when it arrives!

Fifth is from Exploits of a Vegan Wannabe. I will soon be the proud owner of Why Animals Matter and it's even signed by the author. Too cool!

Sixth is three e-cookbooks care of The Whole Gang. The main reason I entered this contest is for the Anti Candida e-book and was super stoked when I found out yesterday morning that I had won 1 copy of Sweet Freedom, 1 copy of Desserts without Compromise, 1 copy of Anti-Candida Feast Book from the Gluten-Free Holiday event.

So that's my loot so far, we'll see if my luck stays with me through to the new year and be sure to keep your eye out for a giveaway in early January!

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