Thursday, February 10, 2011


Something I find myself doing a lot is browsing vegan recipes. I think that is why I am hungry so often, I am always looking at food, I can't help myself. There are so many great blogs out there with pages and pages of fantastic vegan recipes. One of my favorites is Melo Meals, every single recipe I have tried is delicious, they are all low fat, most of them gluten free and super cheap. I just discovered she has started a recipe index!! Yes! Which led me to the chickpea flatbread. I got a great big bag of chickpea flour from a coworker a while ago to make pakoras and it never occured to me to do flatbread, thanks Mel! So now I have no excuse not to make the pizza! My fridge is full of awesome pizza ingredients at the moment; spinach, mushrooms, onions, elephant garlic,  mozzarella daiya...If only I still had basil, I would do an edamame pesto base instead of tomato sauce. Next time! Unfortunately I also did not have tomato paste, so tomato sauce it is...not as good as paste but works in a pinch. Here is my pizza creation!